Who is WriteStuff Music, you ask?

Well, while we’re definitely not a dating service, we are matchmakers of a sort. In this great big, wonderful world of ours, there exists amazing music from every corner of the globe.  Luckily for the musicians who make this music, there are also people all over who need and demand only the best music available for their media productions such as movies, tv, video games, advertising and so on.  While some can afford a boatload of money for the major label flavor of the week, some, simply put, can’t.

That’s where we come in. WriteStuff Music knows music. We’re musicians and (lucky for you) also business people.  We combine our passion for music and our knowledge of the industry to provide the best indie music for all those media productions in need…. and for a reasonable price.  Whether your media needs call for a new buzz-worthy indie band from across the globe, a great major label band turned indie or project-specific writing, we’ve got you covered.  We work with amazing bands and award-winning writers from allover the world.  So whether you’re the one making amazing music, or the one who needs it, we’ve got your hookup .

We look forward to hearing from you…..